Cool Comfort - Wine and Black with Green stripes and fringe

Detailed design of red and black thread with a simple side fringe
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This design from a distance appears to be a solid green. Up close it is a blend of Wine and black and green thread. The Fringe is made with a dark red thread. The Cool Comfort line is our first design. The hammocks are carefully woven to produce the unique patterns. The cool comfort line has an average measurement of 57" wide, 94" long with 23" lines from the bed to the end of the loop, 4'9"wide 7'10" long with the strings just under 2 feet on each side. This is a design for a single person. When purchasing inventory, I toured several manufacturers of hammocks. In the end I toured a fair of many homemade textiles. As I headed out of the fair, feeling I had all I needed, an older man called my attention as he wanted to show me his designs. Feeling that I already purchased all I needed I wasn't very interested. He showed off his hammocks and I felt for him and I thought to myself how the older gentleman would feel if he knew where his design would be sold and I purchased a few. This is a nice design with quality where it counts. The fringe is very simple but show the creativity of the older man.
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  • Model: Cool Comfort
  • Manufacturer:Hammock Leisure

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